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Frequently asked questions about our products and services.

How do I prevent the clay from sticking to the cutters?

  • My preferred method is using Cornflour/Baking Powder to prevent sticking.
  • Dip your cutter into a bowl of cornflour and tap off the excess. Gently press your cutter half way through your clay slab. Remove the cutter and re-dip it into the bowl of cornflour and then press all the way through your clay slab to get that perfect cut and no sticking!

Do you ship internationally? What is the cost?

  • Yes, we do ship internationally. Cost will be provided at checkout.

Is Polymer Clay Toxic?

Polymer clay is not toxic and can be baked in your kitchen oven.

What if I want to add to my online order that has not been shipped yet?

  • Combined shipping is available.
  • If you have put through an order that hasn't been sent yet and you would like to add something, please message us and we will organize combined shipping.

What is your processing time?

  • All cutters are made to order. Processing time is 3-7 working days depending on how big your order is.
  • All orders are seen as a priority and will do our best to get them shipped ASAP.
  • Water Transfer Sheets will be processed within 1-2 working days.
  • PS: I do have a full-time job and will process all orders as quickly as possible! After hours, getting your orders out is my main priority.

What are your cutters made out of?

  • We use PLA+ Filament for our cutters.
  • Our cutters are handmade and therefore, minor imperfections might be present.
  • Please note that our cutters are 3D printed and tiny bumps might be present where the PLA+ filament joins whilst printing the separate layers - These minor imperfections can be cleaned up prior to baking.

What do I do if my package is being returned due to an incomplete address?

  • Please note that we will not be liable for reshipping items that have been returned due to being provided an incorrect address. If the package is returned to our location, the buyer will be responsible for paying for shipping again. We will however, reship the item as soon as payment is received and correct address is provided.

What if my package says it was delivered but I never received it?

  • Sadly, at this point in shipping, it is out of our control and you would have to get in contact with the shipping company to find out where the parcel was delivered. They might have hidden it so well, it could be on your roof :P. They should be able to assist you with locating the package.

Do you offer custom orders?

  • We do indeed. If you would like a custom order, head over to our contact us page and send us a message on what you would like made.
  • Transfer sheets - the image provided has to be copyright free - please do you research to ensure you are not infringing on any copyright laws.
  • The images provided for the transfer sheets has been at lease 1080p X 1080p with great resolution.
  • Polymer Clay Custom Cutters - please include the size of the cutter you would like along with an image of a simple design you are looking for.
  • I can not make any guarentee that I will be able to design your requested cutter. I will however, do my utmost best!
  • I will send you the design prior to printing, if you need any changes, let me know then, as I will only be changing designs one time once I have printed the first cutter.
  • Please be advised that once created, I will retain the rights to the cutter file and the ability to on sell the cutter in my store.
  • Custom orders are non-refundable.

Returns Refund policy:

  • Once the order is placed, made, shipped and delivered, we will not accept any refunds if you simply change your mind. We will only issue refunds for items that were damaged during shipping or damaged within a short timeframe (30 days) of receiving the product.

Provide the following if you would require a refund:

  1. Images of the damaged item are required in order to investigate the issue at hand and advise on how we will resolve this issue ASAP.
  2. If the item is damaged, we will allow for 30 day refund once the item is received at your location.
  • Please note that Water Transfer Sheets are non-refundable.
  • Please note that there is no refund for custom orders.